Reserving Services:

We provide service to the Kingwood area only.

Reservations can be made through email or on this website.   Our email address is   You may call 281-851-8014 for any questions/concerns etc. but reservations will not be accepted or responded to when left on voicemail and/or through a text message.    All communication is made through email.  This will provide a "paper-trail".  It is for your protection, my protection and most importantly, the protection of the pet.  I do not consider text messages/cell phone voice mails a reliable source.    Once the reservation is received, you will receive an email confirming your request.    You will receive one more email one week prior to the departure date of your trip.  This will be your email of "reconfirmation".  If you do not receive a reconfirmation email, please call/email me before you leave.  You must have reconfirmation to have your reservation secured.   A reservation made on my cell phone will not be considered confirmed.   

We do not schedule midday service on any major holiday.  This includes Mother's Day & Father's Day.  This enables us to spend time with our families as well as take care of your beloved pets during the holidays.

We do not provide ongoing midday exercise visits.

Rates & Services for Pet Care:
We provide up to 3 visits per day.  A morning, midday and evening visit. There are no "per pet" charges and no extra charges for birds, fish etc.  However, we do reserve the right to alter rates "per visit" if the number of pets is deemed excessive.  Cost for special services requested by clients will be negotiated at the time of request.


          one visit per day        $20.00
          two visits per day       $40.00
          three visits per day    $60.00

Payments for services are to be paid in full the day the service begins.  Cash, check or credit card.  There is a fee for the use of a credit card as payment (3.5% of total invoice).

We do ask that you call us upon your arrival home, if you arrive home early and do not call the service, and the sitter makes an unnecessary visit, you will be charged for the visit.  If you anticipate arriving home early, please call as soon as possible to let us know.   Please do not call in the middle of the night to cancel a morning visit.  

Same day service:
Service is not guaranteed on less than 24 hour notice.

Same day service for one visit only with no advance notice is $25.00
Same day service for two visits only with no advance notice is $20.00 per visit.
Same day service for three visits only with no advance notice is $20.00 per visit.
House sitting only:
We do offer house sitting at $15.00 a day.  The service includes checking mail, bringing in papers and walking through the house to check for any issues.

Plant watering and pools:
We will water potted plants (only) inside and outside however there will be a charge of $10.00 per day for an excessive amount of plants.   We do not water grass or flower beds.

We do not provide maintenance or any kind of service for your pool while you are away.  We are not experts in this area and due to the potential liability issues, we ask that you call on your pool maintanence service while you are away.


The first consultation is free.  The consultation gives us the opportunity to meet your pet, talk about the service, complete the service contract and answer any questions.  If a personal meeting with the sitter is requested, there will be a $25.00 fee for the visit.

Visiting hours:
We work within ranges as follows:

Morning: 6:30-9:30
Midday:  12:00-2:00
Evening: 7:00-10:00

We will adjust the schedule according to what benefits your pet(s).  We do not do "time-specific" visits for various reasons however we can certainly take your requests into consideration when planning our schedule.